• We First Serve!!





    We love teaching tennis and the life skills that apply on and off the court.

  • Competitions

    Play Hard, Play Fair, Have Fun!!!

    Roseville, Sunday Jan 17

    This is a fun, friendly, community-based tennis competition for YOUR child!

    Level-based competition, contact Coach Chip with any questions about the proper level for your child.

    5-8 years 10:00-11:30am

    Any child who can serve underhand with some reliability is welcome in this event. Simplified serving and scoring will be used in this group. Court monitors will help them keep score.

    7 - 14 years 11:30am-1:30pm

    Beginner level. Participants in this group can rally an easy ball reliably, but are not developed enough in the sport to hit topspin reliably or use a continental grip. Simplified serving and scoring will be used in this group.

    8 - 14 years 1:30-3:30pm Intermediate level. Participants in this group are able to hit topspin reliably and are beginning to develop continental grip skills. Traditional scoring and serving will be used in this group.

    To register: https://www.rare-mi.org/

  • Eastside Tennis & Fitness Club


    We'll be indoors at Eastside Tennis and Fitness, Sunday mornings




    1:15-2pm 4-6yrs pee-wee
    2-3pm 7-12yrs
    3-4pm 13-18yrs
    4-5pm high school/adult 3.0 level and up

    S1 Dec 4-18, $54, 3 classes

    S2 Jan 8-Feb 12, 6 classes $108
    S3 Feb 19-March 26, 6 classes $108
    (Walk-in $22)

    Contact Coach Chip with any q's at all chipfazio@gmail.com 313-670-3277


    Location: Eastside Tennis and Fitness

    18201 E. Warren

    Detroit, MI 48224

    Map: (opens in new tab) https://goo.gl/maps/38dCGXAZxPx




  • Huntington Woods Tennis

    Winter, Spring 2023


    Indoors, at the rec center on Scotia, south of 11 Mile

    10:45-11:30 4-6yrs, pee-wee tennis
    11:30-12:30 7-9yrs
    12:30-1:30 10-12 yrs
    1:30-2:30 13yrs and up


    All Sessions, 6 weeks, $105

    Click links to register.
    S1 Jan 7-Feb 18 (skip Feb 4)


    S2 Feb 25-April 1


    S3 April 15-May 20

    Walk-in $25


  • Grosse Pointe, Neighborhood Club

    Indoors in the NC gym



    Sunday mornings

    915-10am 4-6yrs

    10-11am 7-10yrs



  • Sterling Heights, Wed Evenings

    Indoors at Community Center

    Starts Oct 12

    Thanksgiving Doubles Tournament

    Sat Nov 26

  • Eastpointe/Roseville, Tues Evenings

    Classes are running at the Roseville Rec Center


    Indoors at the Rec Center, 6 classes, $70

    S2 Tues Oct 18-Nov 29 (skip Nov 8 Election Day)

    S3 Tues Dec 6-Jan 17 (skip Dec 27)

    S4 Tues Jan 24-Feb28

    S5 Tues March14-April 18


    Doubles Tennis Competition Sunday Jan 22

    10-11:30am 5-8yrolds $10

    11:30am-1:30pm7-14yr olds $12, beginner, kids in this group can rally an easy ball reliably.But they cannot hit topspin reliably or use a continental grip. Simplifiedserving and scoring in this group.

    1:30-330pm 9-18yrs,$12, advanced beginner, kids in this group can hit topspin reliably and arebeginning to develop continental grip skills. Traditional scoring and servingin this group.

    To register http://rare-mi.org 586-445-5480


    Rec Center Location
    18185 Sycamore, Roseville, just NE of I-696 and Gratiot

    Map (opens in new tab): https://goo.gl/maps/kvK5ZmDejF22

    Spindler Park is on Stephens immediately west of I-94.

  • Berkley

    Classes and Community Tennis Competition


    Indoors in the Rec Center

    Oct 17-Nov 28, skip Halloween, 6 weeks
    5:15-6pm 4-6yrs pee-wee
    6-7pm 7-9yrs

    To register: https://recreation.berkleymich.org/




    1. Try Tennis Free

      Pier Park, Grosse Pointe Farms

      Try Tennis Free, GP Farms, Pier Park

      Sat, Oct 1

      Open to Brand New or Beginner Level Players

      9:15-10am 4-6yrs pee-wee tennis

      10-11am 7-9yr olds

      11am-noon 10-12yr olds

      noon-1pm 13-18yr

      1-2pm adult

      Racquets provided

      To register:

      https:// http://www.ifirstserve.net/store/products/try-tennis-free

      Contact us with any questions at all. 313-670-3277 chipfazio@gmail.com

    2. Pleasant Ridge

      Pleasant Ridge Tennis


      Fridays, Gainsboro Park at the east end of Wellesley, southeast of 696 and Woodward

      Mon, Sept 12-Oct 3, 4 weeks $70

      4:45-5:30 pee-wee 4-6yrs

      530-630 7-9yrs

      630-730 10-12yrs

      730-830 13-adult

    3. Royal Oak New!

      We are excited to start classes in Royal Oak!! Location, Worden Park, on Lexington east of Crooks (Total Soccer)


      Sunday Afternoons
      May 22-June 12, 4 weeks $64
      3:15-4pm pee-wee 4-6yrs
      5-6pm 10-12yrs
      5-6pm 13yrs-adult (10-12yrs and 13yr-adult on separate court, same time)


      Thurs evenings, June 23-July 28, 6 weeks $96
      5:15-6pm, 4-6yr olds, pee-wee tennis
      6-7pm, 7-9yr olds
      7-8pm, 10-12yr olds
      8-9pm, 13yrs through Adult tennis

      In House Coed Adult Doubles Tennis Leagues

      We will set up the matches with different partners and opponents each week. You may register for Sunday only, Wed only or you may play on both leagues. (They are 2 separate leagues)

      Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm, May 25 - Aug 3 (no session week of July 4th) make up Aug 10th.
      Cost $120/10 weeks
      To register for either league:
    4. Easter Break Tennis Camp

      Eastside Tennis and Fitness, 18201 East Warren Ave, Detroit MI 48224

      Stay Tuned for 2023 Camp

      Tues Wed & Thurs$54/3 classes

      1-2pm 4-6yrs

      2-3pm 7-14yrs


    5. Plum Hollow Country Club

      2022 Season

      Tennis 2020 Schedule, PHCC

      Summer 6-week Session

      June 20-July 29, $225 includes team shirt

      M, W, Th, F (no tennis Tues)

      8:45-9:45 U8, 9:50-10:50 13ys to adult, 10:50-11:50 9-12yrs

      Walk-in fee, $20/class

      Must register by June 12 to receive a shirt

      To register:



      New Pickleball!!!

      Tuesdays, June 21-July 26 8:45-10:15am ages 13 to adult $75, 10:15-11:15am ages 7-12 $54

      Walk-in fee $17 for all classes.

      To register:



      Free Friday Night Pickleball

      Beginner friendly!!! We will go over rules, basic technique, hit a lot of balls and play a lot of points. July 1, 15 & 29

      7-7:30pm Intro to pickleball

      6:30-7:30 13yrs through adult mixer

      To register:


      No charge for Fri & Sat pickleball! But you must register by 6pm Thurs.

      Free Saturday Morning Pickleball

      Beginner friendly!!! We will go over rules, basic technique, hit a lot of balls and play a lot of points.

      Bring your own paddle or we will provide loaners.

      Saturdays, July 2- 30

      9-10am 7-12yrs

      10-11:30am 13yrs through adult

      To register:


      No charge for Fri & Sat pickleball! But you must register by 6pm Thurs.


      Or let Coach Chip know, 313-670-3277 or chipfazio@gmail.com. Don’t have a paddle? No problem, we will provide loaner paddles if needed.

      Free Non-Elimination Wed Evening Tennis Competitions at Plum Hollow

      No charge, but you must register by 6pm Monday for Wed competitions. May be singles or doubles depending on turnout. Be ready for either!

      Every child will get 3-5 matches and spend most of their time on court, with minimal down time. Kids will be on court by 6pm, out by 8pm. Must know how to keep score to play yellow ball. Red and green is ok if they do not know how to keep score. Contact Coach Chip if you’re not sure which group would be best for your child.


      6-8pm, Wed, must register by Mon, 6pm for each Wed event.

      June 22, 7-14yrs, green ball, simplified serving and scoring

      June 29 5-8yrs, red ball, short courts, lower nets, simplified serving and scoring

      July 6, 9-18yrs, yellow ball, traditional balls, traditional serving and scoring.

      July 13, 7-12yrs, green ball, simplified serving and scoring

      July 20, 5-8yrs, red ball, short courts, lower nets, simplified serving and scoring

      July 27, 9-18yrs, yellow ball, traditional balls, traditional serving and scoring.


      To register,


      Contact Coach Chip, chipfazio@gmail.com 313-670-3277


    6. DYC

      Detroit Yacht Club

      Belle Isle

      Summer 2022

      M, T, W, Th, no tennis Fri

      8yrs and under: 9-10am

      9yrs-18yrs: 11am-noon

      Adult tennis (13yrs and up ok) M & W only 10-11am

      S1: June 20-June 30, 8 classes $144 (Adult $72)

      (No tennis the week of the 4th)

      S2: July 11-21, 8 classes $144 (Adult $72)

      S3: July 25-Aug 4, 8 classes $144 (Adult $72)

      To register:


      Questions, contact Coach Chip Fazio, 313-670-3277, chipfazio@gmail.com


    7. Summer FLex Leagues

      The most social distance friendly way to play sports this summer! No group classes, all 1-on-1 match play. Just 2 players on a whole tennis court.

      We match you up. You schedule the matches.

      June-Aug 2021

      • Register now, reserve your spot.

      • We match you up with players of similar ability.

      • You schedule the matches at a time and place that works for you!

      • Will play around 8 matches, June through Aug

      • Kids and adult flights

      • If you are not sure which group you belong in. We have diagnostic questions on the registration form. We will look over your answers and help you decide.

      • Flexible scheduling, you decide when and where you will play.

      • Report scores to us. Standings will be online.

      • Awards given at the end of summer

      • $30/around 8 matches all summer

      For kids flex league

      For adult flex league, go to https://forms.gle/LWdnDwTWX8oxT2SZ8


      2020 Results, Yellow Ball:


      Green Ball: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IYfqNsAGadQq2Bo0C4c4GViSPC_rUfbjnErxvSS2Krg/edit?usp=sharing

    8. Saint Clair Shores

      2022 Spring Summer Schedule

      Saint Clair Shores

      A Spindler Park in Eastpointe

      All classes at Spindler Park in Eastpointe

      ​Spring Tues evenings, starts May 17,

      Tuesdays, May 17-June 14 (5 classes) Spindler Park
      4:45-5:30 4-6yr olds, pee-wee tennis
      5:30-630 7-12 7-12yr olds
      6:30-7:30 13-18yr olds
      7:30-8:30 adult tennis

      Summer Session 1 Mon only June 22-Aug 27, (6 classes)
      Session 2 Mon & Wed, Aug 8-24, (6 classes)

      Summer times
      5:15-6pm, 4-6yr olds, pee-wee tennis
      6-7pm, 7-12 7-12yr olds
      7-8pm, 13-18yr olds
      8-9pm, Adult tennis

      Contact parks & rec to sign up. 586-445-5350

      Or register in person at the ice rink, Stephens just east of I-94

    9. Pickleball NEW!!!

      We are super excited to now offer pickleball!!!

      Huntington Woods,

      Loaner paddles provided

      Click links to register, max class size 8.

      Thurs mornings, 9-10:30am, 4 classes, 1.5 hours each, $105

      Beginner, for those with 0 to around 20 hours playing pickleball

      S1 Thurs Jan 5-26


      S2 Thurs March 9-30


      S3 Intermediate, for those with 20 or more hours playing pickleball

      S3 April 6-27



    10. Waiver of Liability

      In registering myself or my child for any of First Serve, sponsored activities, I hereby freely and voluntarily, to the fullest extent permitted by law, release, relieve, discharge and indemnify the First Serve, their officers, agents, employees, and staff from and against any and all claims, judgments, lawsuits, damages, or expenses, of whatsoever kind or nature for any and all bodily or mental injury, loss of life, and/or damage to or loss of any and all property, which may be imposed upon or asserted against First Serve, their officers, agents, employees and/or staff resulting from, arising out of or in any way connected with my or my child’s participation or involvement in these activities.

    11. Register for Classes Here

      We'll see you on the courts soon!

    12. We First Serve!

        We love to share the fun and freedom of movement with kids and adults. We teach fierce competition tempered with good sportsmanship.

      Our lesson plans and competitions are based on the latest research and guidelines from the top youth sports and tennis programmers in the country.

      We understand that kids learn more when they are having fun and that kids are less likely to quit sports, when sports are fun.

      We teach fundamental athletic skills that apply to all sports. We support multisport athletes.

      Our goal is to make tennis more accessible and more fun to more people, especially kids!

      Please feel free to contact our tennis director, Chip Fazio, USPTA Elite Professional, with any questions or concerns at all. chipfazio@gmail.com 313-670-3277 (cell)

        Tennis is the sport of lifetime.

      Tennis has a low risk of concussion.

      Want to see kids playing their hearts out and having a blast? Check out: facebook.com/firstservemi

    13. Contact Us

      Chip Fazio, USPTA Elite Professional, Tennis Director and Head Pro


      313-670-3277 (cell)

      Chip's Vitae:



      Tel: 313-670-3277